Megasquirt Wiring Bundle 8’

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MegaSquirt Wiring Bundle

  • 8′ TXL wire, color coded with labeling printed on the wire every 3 inches — no paper tags here!
  • IAC and Ignition wires are included for MS-I / MS-2 use (or MS-3 Primary Harness use)
  • Shielded Ignition input wire

Great for building up your own wiring harness, or wiring up your relay board where this will give you all of the color coded automotive grade wiring you’ll need to wire up the ECU side of the sensors (plus extra 20ga wire for sensor grounds), ignition components, and the ECU side of the injectors. For building your own harness on a car previously equipped with Electronic Fuel Injection, you’re good to go.  For wiring up a relay board you’ll just need the fuel pump wire, 12v supply wire to the injectors, and you’re good to go.

Our revised version adds some extra wires for CANBUS and replaces the single coax wire with a two core shielded wire for even better noise-free cam and crank signals.