MegaSquirt 3 EMS System V3.57

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MegaSquirt 3 Engine Management System w/PCB3.57 – The MegaSquirt 3 is a drop in daughter card that greatly expands the MegaSquirt’s functionality. This model is equipped for basic, batch fire, but can be expanded to add sequential injection and 8 channel ignition control with an MS3X card (sold separately). Advantages include loads of additional processing power, speed, and features over the existing MS1 and MS2 systems. The MegaSquirt 3 daughter card alone provides these features and more:

  • VE and ignition tables are now both 16 x 16
  • 0.1% steps on VE table, 0.1 degree steps on ignition table
  • Socket for an onboard SD card – no laptop required for data logging  (SD Card not included)
  • Built in USB port
  • GM stepper IAC control
  • Closed loop idle and mixture control
  • CANBus communications for interface with GPIO Board, IO Extender, or other devices
  • Staged injection
  • Native support for many different OEM trigger patterns

Ready for two fuel outputs and one 5V logic level spark output. The MegaSquirt 3 also gives you a starting point for even more expansion. Further expansion with MS3X enables features like:

  • 8 channels sequential fuel control
  • 8 channel sequential ignition control
  • Individual fuel and spark trim for cylinder by cylinder tuning
  • 2 and 3 channel PWM IAC control
  • 2 stage nitrous controller
  • Table switching for multi-fuel engines
  • 2 step launch control

For complete MS3 documentation and more see