OneGauge Hub

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If you have any questions, or want us to quote a custom kit, feel free to reach out to us at!
If you’re looking for a mounting setup to fit your specific vehicle please visit our Mounting Options page where we list various ideas and options to purchase instrument cluster replacements and other screen mounts.
All of the products we sell are built to order and tested extensively. We work through orders as they are received; build times tend to range from 3-4 weeks but may be longer based on the order complexity. All sales of custom units are final. For instructions, warranty info, screen dimensions, and more visit 

Every setup ships with the following:

  • A OneGauge hub with 30+ inputs for various temperature, pressure, fuel level, voltage, RPM, speed, turn signals, up to 5 indicators, and more
  • Bluetooth capability to broadcast data to Torque Pro or RealDash on an Android phone, tablet, or stereo receiver
  • Power wiring (6 ft./2m)