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The DIY Hub includes a ready-to-assemble OneGauge circuit board. Already soldered to the circuit board is a GPS sensor that provides speedometer, altitude, compass, and location data to the Hub, as well as a Bluetooth module to connect directly to an Android smart phone or tablet. Screw terminals around the edges of the circuit board allow for easy and quick sensor installation. Also included are 4 screws and spacers for mounting your circuit board into a box or enclosure. U.S. Shipping is included with any Hub purchase.

The only thing you need to purchase from OneGauge is the circuit board itself- all other components, unless noted below, are available for purchase from other vendors and can be installed yourself (many require soldering). 

Optional Hub Add-Ons:

OneGauge Hub

OneGauge 3D Printed Box

  • Arduino Mega: the computer that attaches to the OneGauge circuit board. Purchase from us already programmed, or purchase it yourself and use the available OneGauge program updates on to upload the code yourself. When you purchase the Arduino Mega from OneGauge, it is the customer’s responsibility to have access to an Arduino compatible Windows PC for future updates.
  • ABS plastic box: a standard black plastic box that can withstand under-hood temperatures. When purchased from OneGauge your hub will come mounted on the inside of the lid of the box for easy screw terminal access. No other holes are drilled.
  • OneGauge 3D Printed Box: an attractive 3D printed box designed for each mounting and access to screw terminals and the OneGauge hub USB port for updates. Only designed for in-vehicle use; not rated to withstand under-hood temperatures. Featured in our product pictures above. Only available from OneGauge. 

Additional Input Options: 

  • In additional to individual sensors, your Hub can receive data from engine computer, if equipped.
  • These can be purchased at the time of your Hub purchase from OneGauge or purchased separately and installed yourself whenever you like. Soldering is required.
  • Purchasing any options below includes OneGauge default OBD-II and CAN-BUS programming only; if you need additional modifications to our standard programming or programming specific to brand of ECU, additional programming fees will be required. For information on this, see OBD-II and CAN-BUS documentation available on the FAQs section of our website. 
  • Direct OBD-II Input: wired connection directly to your OBDII ECU. Supported only by ISO15765-4 (CAN-BUS) vehicles (see note below). Includes soldered module and 5-foot OBD-II cable. Extremely fast connection to read all of your engine computer’s data.
  • Wireless OBD-II Input: wireless connection to your OBDII ECU. Supported by all OBD-II enabled vehicles (see note below). Slower connection, not recommended for speedometer and tachometer readings.
  • CAN-BUS Input/Output: communicate with your aftermarket or standalone ECU. Please see note below to confirm compatibility. Additional programming fees may be required that are not included with this purchase.

Additional Sensor and Feature Options: 

  • Additional sensors and capabilities of the OneGauge Hub are available by adding modules to the circuit board.
  • These can be purchased at the time of your Hub purchase from OneGauge or purchased separately and installed yourself whenever you like. Soldering is required.

  • Odometer: allows the OneGauge Hub to track vehicle miles driven using the GPS speedometer. Approximately 95-98% accurate.
  • Accelerometer: adds vehicle roll/tilt or g-force reading capabilities to your OneGauge setup.
  • SD Card Data Logging: saves sensor data to a .CSV file on an SD card for later analysis. Purchase includes a single programming change so the customer can define which sensors are logged and how often.
  • Relays: add on/off toggle switches to control various electronics in your vehicle if you’re using RealDash on an Android device or a OneGauge LCD screen. Not compatible with PiDash LCD screens or Torque Pro on Android devices.
  • High Temperature Modules: add up to 8 high-temperature modules for use with K-Type thermocouple sensors. Recommended for exhaust temperature or other temperatures that reach above 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Screen and Display Options: 

    • All 

  • OneGauge Hubs can connect directly to a Raspberry Pi Dashboard. It can also connect to an Android phone or tablet running Torque Pro or RealDash.



  • OBD-II compatibility: Vehicles made in the United States starting in 1996 have OBD-II ports. Direct OBD-II connections require ISO15765-4 (CAN-BUS) in your vehicle. All vehicles manufactured in the United States from 2008 on have this capability. To check older vehicles, use this website.
  • CAN BUS input: standalone or aftermarket engine computers with CAN BUS output are supported by OneGauge if they offer 1 of the following two options:
    • Customizable CAN-BUS configuration that allows you to define the parameters and protocol of your ECU’s CAN BUS output
    • Available CAN-BUS protocol from the manufacturer so OneGauge can be programmed to communicate with your ECU (additional programming fees required).